Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bath & Body product crafting!

I have tinkered in making natural makeup and bath & body products for years, and got a bee in my bonnet this year to really spend some time focusing on taking it from the hobby level to something more.  I am officially qualifying natural bath & body product making as a "handmade hipster"  craft. 
 After spending the year in R & D and testing my products with honest friends & family I felt ready to open my newest Etsy shop this week....Fig & Ivy Naturals.  I am starting the line with handmade glycerin scented soaps , super moisturizing lip tints , unique scented perfume & colognes.
I will likely post some of the great "recipes" I have been testing & working on here on the blog soon.

Come check out the new shop here

 "Rainbow Sherbert Soap"  from Fig & Ivy Naturals.
                                                              Smells good enough to eat!

    "White Tea & Nectarine perfume Oil".
      My favorite scent created so far.